Los Carosones project was born as an original idea by Nino Milone, producer and singer of the band.
Born in 1979 in Catania, Sicily, he grew up between Milan and Rome; arrives in Barcelona in 1999 as an Erasmus student of Political Science. Immediately falls in love with the city, its community of artists and its live music, to the point to move there permanently. Taking the first steps as a singer, he made his teeth in the legendary reggae group Orquesta Surprise from Barcelona.

In 2008 he plays for the Italian Consulate in Vancouver with a Neapolitan formation directed by maestro Lello Milo. After seeing the explosive effect of Renato Carosone’s music on Italian audiences abroad, he decides to create a similar independent project. Involves the best art professionals known over the years in Barcelona: musicians, arrangers, recording technicians, directors, editors, swing dancers. It’s the beginning of Los Carosones.
In 2011 the band shoots the first video clip, a cover of the famous song by Carosone “Tu vuo ‘fa l’americano”, which turns into a great success.

A band united by the love for Italian music

Over the span of ten years, about 20 musicians took turns on the stage of the group, 3 complete ensembles and 2 other specials for concerts in South America.
Each arranger and instrumentalist has interpreted the Italian musical tradition with a personal style, enriching it with his exotic touch.
The Argentines Quile Estevez, producer of the first EP and Didi Lezcano, drummer, collaborated with Los Carosones; from Colombia Dani Ospina, guitarist and arranger of the first LP and Francisco Frieri, drummer with whom the project was recreated in Bogotà. And from Chile Arturo Rodríguez guitar player and arranger of the band that played in Valparaiso. Could not miss a Neapolitan musician living in Barcelona like Ubik on sax and, from France, Mathieu Aupitre on the tenor sax and arrangements.

Nino Milone, in addition to finding the artists with the right sound, selected the songs to be included in the band’s repertoire.
Today Los Carosones is an international sextet consisting of:

  • Pasto Marti, Catalan artist and producer on bass and arrangements;
  • Eric Sanchez, also Catalan, on drums;
  • Matteo Queseno, from Calabria, on guitar;
  • Roger Mir (Catalan) Sax Alto and Cesar del Val (Spain) on Sax Tenor;
  • Nino Milone, singer.
manifesto retrò di un concerto de Los Carosones in cui sono riportati i titoli dei più celebri brani di Renato Carosone eseguiti dalla band

Live performances: a versatile format ready to travel around the world

The live experiences are the most diverse from each other on the geographic map and by type of event, but they are united by the will to celebrate the Italian music. Starting from Barcelona, Los Carosones were regular guests in historic places of the ancient barrio Gotico: the Cafe Royale and the most popular speakeasy in the city, the Mutis Club also in the Catalan city. In 2019 they were guests of the Voll Damm Jazz Festival, one of the most important events in the world dedicated to jazz music.
Outside the national borders, they played in Vienna in the hall of the Rathaus (2012) and for the Swedish royal family in Stockholm. And again at the Festival de las Artes de Valparaiso in Chile, at the Museo Nacional in Bogotà (2017) and at the Italian Festival in Porto, Portugal (2018). Concerts that left a special memory in the people who attended them.